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How VYCAB Driver app works?

1. Accept the request

As soon as the rider book the ride, you will get a request for the ride. You will accept the ride to continue further.

2. Pickup the rider

Once you accept the ride request, you will then drive to the rider’s pickup location.

3. Driver to the destination

After picking up the rider, you will start the trip and drive to the destination.


Vycab Services

More Than Just an App


VYCAB takes proper care of the privacy of your account. The technology we use ensures the security of data. We will also seek your acceptance from time to time to get things done. The data we collect is to enhance user experience and provide you seamless services.
Well, that’s simple! All you need to do is to sign up using email id and mobile number. Fill in your basic details and upload the required documents. Once VYCAB Admin verify  the documents , on approval - the registered driver would be able to login into the panel.
The earnings are calculated on a fortnight basis. And, don’t worry, your account will get credited on time.
You don’t have to worry about multiple stops. The fare is calculated by the total distance and time traveled. When the rider makes a stop during the trip, we will include the waiting time.

Any additional distance made by the rider will also be included. Keep the trip continued when the rider makes a stop, and swipe complete button once they reach their final destination.

No. the signup process is absolutely free. VYCAB needs your documents and basic details. You can sign up using our Android/iOS apps or through our website.
Our drivers make us what we are. We value your time, so we offer many benefits to our driver-partners. Our benefits include - hassle-free payments, 24/7 support, and additional bonuses.
At VYCAB, we adhere to the state and local laws governing to the riders with disabilities. Any violation of the laws by the driver-partners will constitute a breach of his or her agreement with VYCAB.

As a driver-partner, you are expected to accommodate the riders using - canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and other assistive devices. Any report made by the rider may lead to a temporary deactivation of VYCAB account. We will take time to investigate such cases.
VYCAB does not ask the riders to give tips. Still, if the rider voluntarily gives you any cash gratuity, then you can feel free to accept.
So, your rider was rude?  We at VYCAB expect both drivers and riders to be polite towards each other. We understand that bad experiences can happen, but we take care of you. You can call our support anytime you need to ask any queries.

In case of any further queries or assistance, you may feel free to contact our helpline number. We will be happy to assist you.

Your Safety Our Priority!

No matter where you are riding, you can enjoy a piece of mind. Our innovative technology makes travel safer.

Want immediate help? Tap our emergency number!